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Hear Applause! Watch the Clock! Managing your Time and What is My Worth?

November 11, 2013 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Girl Scout Learning Center, Colfax
1203 Frances Daily Court
Colfax,NC 27409
Valerie Wooten336-369-7432E-mail

Are you looking for exciting, interactive and worthwhile experiences for your Girl Scouts during student holidays or staff development days? Well, here’s an answer to your dilemma! These activity sessions will have your Girl Scout learning and laughing and leaping ahead with new ideas about money and personal power, while also helping her to fulfill different badges and/or awards requirements! Session price include snacks and lunch.

*Watch The Clock! Managing your time can actually give you more time! It cannot actually add more hours to the day or minutes to the hour; however, it can make it seem like there is more time because you will be using your time more effectively. You will learn organizational skills, how to balance your schedules, looking at a typical day and where the gaps are that need to be addressed to have a more functional calendar; and how to say NO when it is needed.

*What Is My Worth? There is a link between attitudes, behaviors, values and results. Leaders challenge themselves every day to enhance their skills in each of these areas. We will assess our self-worth using this as a guideline for growth and then apply these to effective decision-making and problem solving.

GRADE LEVEL: Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes


GIRL FEE: $75 (+10 for early drop off)