Effective 10/24, the Asheville Service Center will be relocating

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Effective 10/24, the Asheville Service Center will be relocating

As you probably heard earlier in the summer, the Asheville Service Center was successfully sold. And now, we are finalizing our lease arrangements for the new office.

As a courtesy, we wanted to inform you that the last day the Asheville Service Center will be open at 64 W.T. Weaver Boulevard is Thursday, October 23.  

There will be a period of time (anticipated through the month of November), in which a new location will be secured and up-fitted for Girl Scout business! And although the announcement of this service center moving to a new location may not impact you directly, as part of our P2P family, we want to share the news with everyone.

If you are a P2P member living in this area, please know that you can still get your questions answered and Girl Scout supplies purchased! Continue to call 828-252-4442 as you normally would or you can also reach staff through e-mail. (October 26-28 staff will be involved with final packing of the office so please understand if there is a delay in our response.)

You can also make purchases through the online shop (shipping is free during the month of November!) or you can contact one of our other three service center shops with questions about merchandise.

As a new location is secured, we will keep you informed, and we look forward to serving you from a new office soon!