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Common Camp Questions & Answers

Below are the answers to my most common inquiries at this time of year:

Registering for Summer Camp 2014

Please visit www.camplikeagirl.org and click the big rectangular button on the right-hand side of the page that corresponds with the type of camp program you’re looking to register for: day, resident, troop or family camps.
If you are looking for the programs being offered, you will find these at the respective camps websites - www.camppisgah.org, www.gingercascades.org or www.keyauwee.com.

If you have already registered for Summer Camp 2014 and you want to access your account to see the balance due or to make a payment, you can visit www.camplikeagirl.org and click the big red link in the middle of the page which will direct you to the account portal. Here you’ll just enter the username and password you set up when you initially registered for camp.

Purchasing Gift Certificates for Summer Camp

You may purchase gift certificates in $25 increments that your favorite camper can use towards her Summer Camp balance! Gift certificates are available to purchase online at the new GSCP2P online shop or at any of our 5 shop locations.

CIT 2 Application

If your daughter has completed the CIT 1 program at one of our three properties over the past couple of years and is looking to apply for the 2014 CIT 2 program, please have her complete the application here in order to start the process.

Accessing Summer Camp Forms and Documents

Click here to find blank paper registration forms, scholarship applications and all of the camp confirmation packets.

Looking to apply for a Summer Camp Position?

Please go to the camps’ website whom you wish to apply to and there you will find the information on the positions available, as well as a link to the application form. If you are looking for employment opportunities, you will find these at the respective camps websites - www.camppisgah.orgwww.gingercascades.org or www.keyauwee.com

Campsite Availability for Weekend Troop Camping

We accept camping reservations 2 weeks to 3 months prior to a given date for weekend troops. Keep in mind that for the months we are currently booking (January through March) we have availability at every camp most weekends. 

Please go ahead and submit the troop camping reservation form along with full payment for your weekend. If for some reason your date request cannot be accommodated, you will be contacted before any payment is processed. Learn more.

Winter Camping Promotion

If you are looking for more information on the Winter Camping Promotion that we are currently running, please look over this flyer for further details.