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Program Overview

Girl Scout program is fun with purpose! It is based on the Girl Scout Promise and Law that generations of girls have followed. In 2008, Girl Scouts launched the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, represented by three keys of leadership – Discover, Connect, and Take Action – to promote the Girl Scout Mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.

The National Program Portfolio

girls_guideThe National Program Portfolio has two main parts – the National Leadership Journeys and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Complemented by the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scout travel and Girl Scout awards, the National Program Portfolio is designed to help girls develop as leaders and build confidence by learning new skills. It also ensures that Girl Scouts at every level are sharing a powerful, national experience – girls together changing the world!

There are three different Leadership Journeys series: It’s Your Story – Tell It!, It’s Your Planet – Love It! and It’s Your World – Change It! Each series has separate books and awards for each grade level and a corresponding adult guide. Girls then add The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting to their program portfolio. The Girl’s Guide offers girls national proficiency badges, traditions and history, an awards log and much more.

Girls’ Choice Outdoor Badges

In keeping with its century-old tradition of encouraging girls to be active outdoors, Girl Scouts is rolling out new Outdoor badges — and the new Girls’ Choice Outdoor badge materials and guidelines are now available. The badges can be purchased in our council shops.

Girls can work toward earning the new badges, which are Outdoor AdventurerHorseback RidingArchery, Paddling and Ultimate Recreation Challenge, all of which were chosen by girls through a polling and voting process.

Council Patch Programs

GSCP2P has several council patch programs that girls of all levels can earn.

Add-A-Friend Council Patch

add a friend patchWe are very excited to share an opportunity with you and your girls! Your girls can participate in an Add-A-Friend Campaign this year to build their own special patch with charms and spread Girl Scouting to others!

Learn more on how to participate in the Add-A-Friend campaign.

Lifesaver Council Patch

Lifesaver_PatchThe GSCP2P Lifesaver council patch is an opportunity for an individual Girl Scout or troop to demonstrate service to their community, working with a variety of organizations and local resources. The purpose of this patch is to educate girls on service organizations in their local communities and teach Girl Scouts of all ages the importance of “giving back.”

The patch is a compilation of five small patches. The patch can be earned over two years and can be earned again at each program age level as a girl bridges.

Business Cents Council Patch

Business Cents patchThe GSCP2P Business Cents council patch is an opportunity for an individual Girl Scout or troop to combine the skills of financial literacy and the cookie sale into practical skills for their future. The purpose of this patch is to guide Girl Scouts to use all the resources we offer to prepare for a successful cookie sale while also recognizing the financial and business skills learned during the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

The patch is a two-year patch so girls are able to earn each piece of the patch. Although girls may choose to earn both Girl’s Guide badges the first year, girls will still have to complete the “Connect” and “Take Action” part again next year to earn the second half of the patch.

Project Get Out Council Patch

Project_Get_OutThe GSCP2P Project Get Out council patch encourages girls to focus on physical and emotional health. By participating in this initiative, girls learn the skills they need to keep their bodies healthy, their minds engaged and their spirits alive. By building strong, healthy bodies and learning problem-solving techniques, girls gain the self-confidence and skills needed to develop healthy relationships. This is the first step to helping every girl attain her personal best in life.

Thin Mint Sprint Council Patch

Thin_Mint_Sprint_patchThe GSCP2P Thin Mint Sprint council patch encourages girls to train for a 5K and earn a marathon patch.

Girls Go Techbridge

With the Girls Go Techbridge council patch, girls, troops and groups can put their engineeringtechbridge skills to the test with some hands-on activities.

Acorns and Oaks Patch

This patch is designed for all Girl Scouts to encourage them and older adults to interact and get to know each other better, building inter-generation connections.

Old Salem Program Patch

Zebulon B. Vance Birthplace Patch

Learn more about the Girl Scout Ranger Program.