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Individually Registered Girl Scouts

Become a Girl Scout by registering as an individually registered girl and participate in program events sponsored by the council or in your local community. An individually registered Girl Scout is not affiliated with a specific troop, but  is able to discover, connect and take action at her own pace. You can also earn badges and awards, sell cookies and more!

Although individually registered girls in grades kindergarten through twelfth can join, the option is especially popular among older girls (girls in grades 6-12). Tweens and teens have asked for flexibility in their Girl Scout experience and being  individually registered gives a variety of participation options that can be matched more closely to a girl’s time and interests. For example, a girl might take part in weekend workshops, special events, leadership projects or vacation retreats that improve her skills and meet her needs. Some girls may live in an area where there are few or no other registered Girl Scouts. Whatever the reason, individually registered girls add another dimension to Girl Scouts, which helps to assure that Girl Scouting is for every girl.

Q: What is an individually registered Girl Scout?

A: Individually registered Girl Scouts are girls who register and participate individually in Girl Scouts. An individually registered Girl Scout does not attend troop meetings. She works on Girl Scout program with a parent or other adult mentor and decides what activities she wants to participate in and which earned recognitions she wishes to earn.

Individually registered Girl Scouts may join local service unit and council-wide events, attend resident camp, participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program and participate in trips with Girl Scout troops or attend events with friends of their choice.

Q: Who can be an individually registered Girl Scout?

A: Any girl who is 5-17 years of age may become an individually registered Girl Scout. Adults who mentor and/or assist an individually registered Girl Scout may also register as an adult Girl Scout.

Q: Why join as an individually registered Girl Scout?

A: It’s a great way to be in Girl Scouts when there are no available troops in your area. Some girls are too busy to be involved in a troop, but still want to do Girl Scout activities. It’s also a solution for girls who want to participate in council-wide program and choose not to be in a troop.

Other reasons a girl might prefer individual participation is that she lives in a rural or isolated area, or she may have difficulty coordinating with other girls’ or adults’ schedules. In some areas, there may be a shortage of adult volunteers to lead.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The annual membership fee is $15. The fee provides accident insurance for girls participating in Girl Scout activities. Financial assistance is available. Programs offered throughout the year may have additional costs.

Q: Can individually registered girls participate in the cookie program?

A: Yes, an individually registered Girl Scout can participate in the cookie program with two options listed below.

  • She may participate with a Girl Scout troop at any level. Her profits are sent to the Girl Scout troop with their profits.
  • She may participate individually. Her order and profits are sent to the Service Unit Cookie Manager.

Q: Can individually registered Girl Scouts work on badges and earn awards?

A: Yes, individually registered Girl Scouts are eligible to participate in most of the opportunities available to other Girl Scouts in traditional troops. Sometimes you may just go about doing some activities a little differently. For example, individually registered Girl Scouts call upon their parents/guardians or adult relatives to act as the “Girl Scout leader” and friends can be the “Girl Scout troop members” for activities designed for groups.

Q: Do individually registered Girl Scouts participate in community service activities?

A: Yes. Individually registered Girl Scouts want to be advocates for good causes, and if they choose they may participate in council-sponsored community service projects or other service projects in their area.

Girl Scouting is about girls participating in activities they enjoy doing. When individually registered girls choose to work on badges and other awards, these girls will complete community service-oriented work as required.

Q: Who advises individually registered Girl Scouts?

A: The parent/guardian or person designated by the local Girl Scout service unit team can advise an individually registered Girl Scout. If the advisor plans to work on the Girl Scout program with the girl, the advisor must become an adult member of Girl Scouts.