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The publications featured below are printed annually. Since protecting the environment is core to Girl Scouting, we print a minimum quantity and post our materials online.

We encourage you to stay “green!” If you ever receive duplicate copies of our publications, please pass them along to a friend or neighbor who is not familiar with the benefits of Girl Scouting. You may also bring extra copies to any local service center to be reused and recycled.


2015 Fall Discover Guide

Grades K-5


2015 Fall Discover Guide

Grades 6-12


Volunteer Essentials Reference Guide

2015-16 Volunteer Essentials


Volunteer Essentials – Lead On!

2015-2016 Lead On!


Camp Guide

2015 Camp Guide



Donor Newsletter

2013 Keep the Promise

2012 Keep the Promise

2011 Keep the Promise


Annual Report

2014 Annual Report