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Service Team Training

The Service Team works together to assess the needs of volunteers and girls in the communities, develops a plan to address those needs, implements the plan and ensures there is ongoing communication between volunteers, the Service Team and regional staff. The purpose of a Service Team is to recruit, develop and support volunteers to effectively implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience with girls.

Find many more tips and tools here!

Need a recruiting tool to find Service Team members? Find out the value of our program to Girl Scouts’ lives here (YouTube video: “Because I was a Girl Scout”).

Here’s your invitation to Hooti U! Train Program Aide facilitators, learn to use social media in your service unit, and lots more!  Check it out here!

Individual Trainings

All Positions

Whether you are the SU Specialist, Adult Learning Specialist or even the Banking Specialist, you may have times where you advise, consult or share knowledge with others. The training, Directing the Work of Others, may be helpful to you. Check it out! 

Service Unit Specialist

As a Service Unit Specialist, you can support Girl Scout troop leaders in your geographic area. In partnership with your service unit team, you will help develop a plan to recruit and develop leaders, meet membership and family partnership goals and ensure our girl members grow in leadership and life skills to impact and benefit your community.

A new resource, The Service Team Guide to Volunteer Support, will be invaluable to you.

This sample of a Service Unit Plan of Work might be useful to you. You can also find the 2015-2016 Plan of Action here 

Adult Learning Specialist

An Adult Learning Specialist will be able to determine what learning support volunteers need and then see that they get it. You celebrate volunteers’ learning accomplishments and guarantee they receive credit.

Use the Year of Learning Certificate to recognize volunteers in your Service Unit.

Need the specifics about your Adult Learning Specialist Support Team and how they can help you? Check out this brochure!

List of Available Courses

Annual Learning Plan for Service Unit and Region Use Only

GSCP2P Learning Session Request Form 

Banking Specialist

 Always a concern to new leaders, the Banking Specialist is  there to walk volunteers through the council’s financial procedures, offer them ongoing support and ensure that troop monies provide an outstanding leadership experience. You can find some extra resources below. 

Global Specialist

 The Global Specialist keeps their assigned region and/or service unit informed and up-to-date on all things global in Girl Scouting.  You try to infuse a global presence into region and service unit meetings, events and activities.  Work closely with your assigned region and/or service unit to plan, promote and implement annual Girl Scout World Thinking Day events on or around February 22.  You love to seek out information and share relevant and helpful global news.  Become a subject matter expert on the various travel opportunities within Girl Scouting, including but not limited to WAGGGS World Centers, Destinations, GetAways and P2P Travel Pathways. New: The Sangam Experience  Find out what is in store for girls and adults on a visit to Sangam.  Narrated by a recent visitor from our council. 

GSLE Specialist

 The GSLE Specialist is a “hands-on” person who wants to get in there and work the program with girls! By ensuring opportunities, you will help deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to a tremendous number of girls who might not participate in troops.

Media Specialist

 What fun to be the one to sing the praises of Girl Scouts in your community! Through news articles and broadcasts, you grow our Girl Scout community as you spread the word of the value of Girl Scouting. Lisa Crawford, VP of Marketing and Communications, provides this training. You can find some extra resources below.

New Leader Coach

You will help new leaders with that critical first year as a new troop leader and ensure that the new leader is provided with a support system that makes them feel welcomed, prepared and want to continue their experience in Girl Scouting. You will pass on an extraordinary gift to new leaders; your time, knowledge and experience. Training can be found here

Product Program Specialist

 You are the key to successful fall and spring product sales in your service unit. Working with troops and their Program Product Sales Chairs, you’ll help help girls get the full value from their sales experience and ensure that the chairs are confident and proficient in product sales procedures. Jeannie Brown, Director of Product Program, facilitates this training. 

Recognition Specialist

 What a rewarding position! The Recognition Specialist promotes adult recognitions, facilitate nominations for council-level awards and plan the celebrations for service unit outstanding volunteers! You can find some extra resources below.

Recruitment Specialist

 Your energy and enthusiasm are essential to your service unit because you are the one who “carries the Girl Scout torch” to potential new members. With your team, you’ll be able to plan and organize recruitment meetings, creatively seek to spread the word into new communities and forge relationships that will help build membership in your area. Christine Ritch, Director of Recruitment, provides this training. You can find some extra resources below.

Series/Events Specialist

The Series and Events Specialist works with the membership and program departments to determine service unit needs for series events. you also stay up-to-date on what series are being offered in the council and region and promotes them within the service unit.