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Volunteer Tips and Tools

Welcome to your “Tips and Tools” resource page. We constantly search for new and valuable ideas and best practices to share with you on this page.

You’ll find suggestions on everything from successful product sales to crafts, to building relationships to troop websites. Take some time to browse.

And you can help us build this page by sharing useful resources you find! If you have something to share, please send it to Laura Allison.

Touching the Lives of Others

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Outdoor Tips

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Troop Tips

Understanding Girls

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 Strengthening your Qualities

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Brushing Up your Outdoor Skills

Do you want to learn how to register for camp? Camping is a great way for girls to explore leadership, build skills, and develop a deep appreciation for nature.  Whether for a day, a weekend or event longer, Girl Scout camp gives girls an opportunity to grow, explore, and have fun under the guidance of caring, trained adults.  Watch Troop Camping 101 to learn and have all of your questions answered.  Click here.  Troop Camping 101

NEW GS Outdoor Badges! After voting on new badges and selecting the badge designs, girls can now work toward the five new Girls’ Choice Outdoor badges. The new Outdoor badges, as voted upon by girls across the country, include the following. Click on each one to get your free download of the badge requirements!

Videos below are funded by a grant from the Elliot Wildlife Values Project.

Below are six new outdoor skill-building videos aimed at volunteers newer to Girl Scouts and to older Girl Scouts preparing to take younger girls outside.  Be strategic in how you use them.

Videos below are provided by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma council.

These videos are provided as a “refresher” only. Viewing the videos does not substitute for completing GSCP2P outdoor training, nor does it qualify a volunteer to take girls camping.

NOTE: While tornadoes are a serious threat in Oklahoma, not all GSCP2P camps will have tornado shelters.

NOTE: Many of the “perilous partners” mentioned do not live in North Carolina.

NOTE: Packing lists are found in GSCP2P Be Safe, Be Ready course handouts. Smoking and firearms are not allowed on GSCP2P properties. Girls and their dads do share lodging at GSCP2P “Dad and I” camporees.

NOTE: Equipment lists are found in GSCP2P Be Safe, Be Ready course handouts.

NOTE: GSCP2P recommends sterilizing dishes with a sanitizing solution rather than immersing them in hot water.

NOTE: Trench and pit fires are commonly used in Oklahoma due to high winds which could cause fire to spread. in GSCP2P trenches and pits are more likely to fill with rainwater and are seldom used.

NOTE: GSCP2P neither promotes nor prohibits the use of “quick-light” charcoal.

NOTE: The DVD mentioned is provided to Eastern Oklahoma Girl Scouts only.

Helping you Work with Multi-Level Troops

Materials collected from other councils.