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Leaderfest 2021

Sat Nov 06, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Camp & Outdoors, Volunteer Training

Need certifications or want to learn tips for a successful troop year? Leaderfest is a one-day (with some possible overnight options), fun, casual and relaxing event for volunteers. It is a chance to sit back, enjoy yourself, make new friends and join others to learn some new skills and activities. For those coming from a distance, at this time, you may make plans to come up to camp on Friday evening and spend the night.

Workshop descriptions and more information can be found on our brochure.

Super-Early Bird Registration (Deadline Sept. 20, 2021): $25
On-Time Registration (Deadline Oct. 11, 2021): $30
Last-Chance Registration (Deadline Oct. 25, 2021): $35

Location: Camp Ginger Cascades, Lenoir