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Horseback Archery 1 - The Archer

Sat Nov 11, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Girl Fee:

Location: Circle C Equestrian Center (Sophia, NC)

About Horseback Archery: Horseback Archery is an ancient martial skill that is rapidly becoming an exciting and popular sport in the United States and around the world. This sport combines horseback riding and archery with the goal of shooting quickly and accurately as the horse travels past a series of targets. GSCP2P’s Horseback Archery patch program is designed to introduce participants to horseback archery through a progressive skill building unmounted archery practice and safety training that will then culminate in a final mounted session and friendly competition. Earn a piece of this three-part patch after each badge workshop. This program is appropriate for beginner archers and/or riders. We would encourage participants who have never ridden before to take an introductory riding lesson prior to participating in the final Horseback Archery 3. Sessions will be scheduled throughout the year at Circle C Equestrian Center with each session lasting three hours.

About Horseback Archery 1- The Archer: This session will be an un-mounted program and is a prerequisite for Horseback Archery 2 & 3. Learn about horseback archery equipment, range set up, safety rules, loading technique and shot process required for horseback archery. This is a drop off program, and girls will need to bring a water bottle and wear closed-toe shoes. No archery experience required. 

Registration deadline: November 9, 2023