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Amore Kitchen

Amore Kitchen offers cooking classes for every level to earn their cooking badge! We also offer themed cooking classes such as Pie Making, Polar Express, and more!


Address: 7926 Shorewood Drive, San Diego, CA 92114




How to register: Please review GSCP2P's registration requirements before registering. Visit our online calendar for upcoming events or contact Angela Felice at Amore Kitchen by calling 858-722-2630 or e-mailing to register your troop for additional opportunities.


Programs On Demand

Cooking Classes

 All Ages

Cooking classes are hands-on and interactive. A parent is required to assist during the entire class.  A list of needed ingredients and supplies, as well as a Zoom link are provided ahead of time. Plenty of cooking tips and skills to last a lifetime are included. Classes do not include badges.

Topics also offered include pie making, etiquette, high tea, jam making, dutch oven cooking and international cuisine.

Class themes are optional, but include Magical Polar Express (winter), Halloween Fun, Disney Kitchen Magic, Monsters, Inc., Beauty and the Beast, Ratatouille, Incredibles and Frozen.

Cost: $25 per girl

Group Size: Minimum of 15. Discount available for groups of 25 or more.

Badge Connections: Brownie Badge: Snacks, Junior Badge: Savvy Shopper, Junior Badge: Simple Meals, Junior Badge: Social Butterfly, Cadette Badge: New Cuisines, Senior Badge: Locavore and Ambassador Badge: Dinner Party