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Code Camp Kidz

Code Camp Kidz builds real world coding skills by walking students through new projects, line by line, at their own pace. We combine online projects with live, real-time support using the latest in video conferencing technology to create a fully supported, self-paced learning environment specifically for middle school students.


Address: 17 Pegout Road, Wayland, MA 1778




How to register: Please review GSCP2P's registration requirements before registering. Visit our online calendar for upcoming events or contact Code Camp Kidz by e-mailing to register your troop for additional opportunities.


Programs On Demand

Self-Paced Think LIke A Programmer Journey

 Cadette      Senior     Ambassador

Complete your Think Like a Programmer Journey requirements online and learn to code all from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule! Code Camp Kidz will guide you step by step as you work through your projects. No experience or previous knowledge is required. The program is designed for girls who are interested in a full code immersion experience. You will code like a programmer while overcoming obstacles, building problem solving skills and developing confidence as an independent coder. Sign up at any time and experience the latest in online learning. You are welcome to come and go as your schedule permits picking up where you left off. There is no time limit for completion. Optional live support classes are available Monday - Friday to help you. A Certificate of Completion will automatically be e-mailed when you finish the final project. All you need to participate is a modern browser, high speed Wi-Fi, and a computer with audio capability.

Cost: $20

Journey Connections: Cadette Journey: Think Like a Programmer, Senior Journey: Think Like a Programmer and Ambassador Journey: Think Like a Programmer