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Poe Center for Health Education

Poe Center for Health Education develops and facilitates workshops on health topics, life skills, badges and patches.


Address: 224 Sunnybrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27610




How to register: Please review GSCP2P's registration requirements before registering. Visit our online calendar for upcoming events or contact Robin Pittman at Poe Center for Health Education by calling 919-219-4626 or e-mailing to register your troop for additional opportunities.


Programs On Demand

Body Talk


It's time to be explorers! Meet Mr.Big Mouth while exploring you way to a "Super Smile" by learning how to properly brush and floss away Sugar Bugs. Daisies explore MyPlate and learn the importance of choosing healthy snacks, engaging in regular physical activity and getting enough sleep. Daisies also have an opportunity to visit the PlayWELL Park and climb a nutrition wall, weave through a healthy choices maze, zip down a tongue slide, balance on a giant skeleton, navigate a nerve net, and much more! Girl Scouts will earn their Poe Center Healthy Choices Patch. 

Individually registered girls must attend with an adult.  This program can be offered at Millis or in the Triad instead of the Poe Center.



Explore the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) and the associated organs-both in the General Health Theater and outside at the PlayWELL Park! Brownies can zip from ear-to-ear, slip down the artery slides and learn about the important role of the brain in physical activity and coordination!

This program can be offered at Millis or in the Triad instead of the Poe Center.


Girl Talk for Mom and & Me

 Junior   Cadette

Girl Talk for 4th-7th graders addresses the timely topic of adolescent growth and development and the physical, social, and emotional changes that girls experience during puberty. Poe educators show off some of our 3-D exhibits, lead online activities, and hold candid discussions to help parents and daughters explore a range of topics from the workings of the reproductive system to the menstrual cycle to feminine hygiene protection and more.

Girl Talk 2 for 6 - 8 graders: This interactive, two-hour workshop discusses the growth and development girls experience during puberty, the structure and function of the male and female reproductive systems, the menstrual cycle, fertilization, and conception. Internet safety, peer pressure, abstinence, and sexually transmitted diseases are also introduced. The program has been designed with activities that facilitate and encourage open parent-child communication.

The Girl Talk programs are for girls and their caregivers. Girls should not register individually. We can offer this workshop virtually during COVID-19. When restrictions are lifted, we have three health educators who work in the Triad region and beyond who could facilitate this workshop in-person with any troop or combined troops. We can also facilitate onsite at Millis or in the Triad instead of the Poe Center. 

Cost: $25 for mom and daughter pair

Group Size: Limited to 50 participants (25 moms/25 daughters)


CookWELL Kitchen

 Junior   Cadette   Senior   Ambassador

Interested in getting help earning age-appropriate cooking badges? Check out the Poe Center's live or virtual cooking classes.