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Poe Center for Health Education

Poe Center for Health Education develops and facilitates workshops on health topics, life skills, badges and patches.


Address: 224 Sunnybrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27610




How to register: Please review GSCP2P's registration requirements before registering. Visit our online calendar for upcoming events or contact Jean Workman at Poe Center for Health Education by calling 336-706-4596 or e-mailing to register your troop for additional opportunities.


Programs On Demand

Girl Talk for Mom and & Me

 Junior   Cadette

Girl Talk for Mom and & Me addresses the timely topic of adolescent growth and development and the physical, social and emotional changes that girls experience during puberty. Hands-on activities and candid discussions help moms and daughters explore a range of topics from the workings of the reproductive system to the menstrual cycle to feminine hygiene protection and more.

We can offer this workshop virtually during COVID-19. When restrictions are lifted, we have three health educators who work in the Triad region and beyond who could facilitate this workshop in-person with any troop or combined troops. We can also facilitate onsite at the Millis Regional Health Education Center in High Point, NC for troops who are interested in coming to that location. 

Cost: $25 for mom and daughter pair

Group Size: Limited to 50 participants (25 moms/25 daughters)