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We are a full service financial company that offers, advice, insurance, investments, banking, and generosity programs. We were started over 100 years ago as a fraternal benefit society, which is a not-for-profit organization owned by its membership. Our goal is to provide mutual benefit to our clients and the communities where they live. That is why/how we are able to provide great event offerings and generosity benefits to our clients and our communities. We provide free in person/virtual workshops, free virtual events (like Bethany Hamilton, Mae Jemison, Misty Copeland, Gary Chapman, Christian concerts and more), benefits to our members to lead a volunteer team in a fundraiser, service activity or educational event and benefits to our members to direct grant dollars (called Choice Dollars) to organizations they care about about.


Address: 4530 Park Road, Ste 109, Charlotte, NC 28209




How to register: Please review GSCP2P's registration requirements before registering. Visit our online calendar for upcoming events or contact Corey Sturdivant at Thrivent by calling 980-266-3336 or e-mailing to register your troop for additional opportunities.


Programs On Demand

Financial Literacy Workshops

 Juniors   Cadettes   Seniors   Ambassadors   Volunteers   Families

Our workshops help participants develop healthy financial habits. Whether you want to learn how to plan and set goals, protect your identity, college financial aid tips, manage credit or prepare for retirement, we have a workshop for you! Our full list of workshops for girls and adults can be found here.