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Volunteer Reference Materials

2020-21 Volunteer Essentials
GSCP2P Bylaws
GSCP2P Philanthropy Procedures
2021 Blue Book of Basic Documents
Volunteer Policies- Updated June 2019
Troop Bank Accounts and Financing Troop Activities Guide
2021  Safety Activity Checkpoints


Juliette Guidebook and Juliette FAQs
GSCP2P Membership Card
Girl Scout Connection- Guide for Girl Scout Nights at the Ballpark
Volunteer Toolkit Self-Guided Tour
P2P Parent Interest Survey
Sample Parent Meeting Script
Join Our Troop Customizable Invitation 

Volunteer Awards
To see the full Awards booklet, please click here.

To request your Years of Membership or Service pins, please fill out this form by March 1 at 5 p.m. 

Volunteer Awards: Service Unit Level
Troop of Excellence
Outstanding Troop Award
Shining Volunteer Award
Leader for All Seasons
Growing Green Award 
5 & 10 Years of Membership
5 & 10 Years of Service

Volunteer Awards: Board-Approved 
Please fill out the nomination form and letter of endorsements for the following awards. All information is due by February 1. 
Volunteer of Excellence (purchased by the service unit)
Appreciation Pin
Honor Pin
Thanks Badge 1
Thanks Badge 2
15 years & up- Years of Membership
15 years & up- Years of Service