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Cookie Resources for Girls

With this one-stop shop we help you set goals, connect with your customers and have fun!

Cookie Business Cards
Are you a Girl Scout ready to increase your sales? Download our cookie business cards so you can leave them with your customers when they are looking to reorder!

Cookie Tycoon Program
Are you an older girl who wants to take the cookie program to the next level? Learn more about our Cookie Tycoon Program.

Walk-About Week
January 15-23 is designated as Walk-About Week and girls are encouraged to take a parent or a responsible adult on a walk around the neighborhood, sharing some quality time while working on your cookie marketing skills. As a bonus, girls can earn the Walk-About patch. In case your neighbor isn't home, ask your troop leader for a packet of preprinted post-it notes to let them know they missed the opportunity to purchase cookies and support your troop activities.  

As a way to attract customers and have a little more fun, decorate a wagon or anything that will carry cookies for your Walk-About. Take some pictures and e-mail up to two of them. The most eye-appealing and creative vehicles will win a Wal-Mart gift card to be used toward a troop ice cream party. 

Smart Cookies
Smart Cookies has a great online resource for managing the Girl Scout Cookie Program. The video, Smart Cookies Online- Girl Experience- can be found here

Goal Setting
An important skill girls learn through participation in our annual cookie program is goal setting. By engaging you in the process of goal setting, you discover that you can do anything. Research has shown that girls that set goals increase their sales by approximately 35 percent. To help you set your goal, we have a fun online tool to make the process easy. Through online activities in Smart Cookies, you can set your individual sales goal, track your progress and view the rewards you earn along the way. In addition, you can use the Online Marketing tools to invite friends and family to purchase cookies to assist you in helping to reach your goal.

Online Social Networking Sites
Any use of a social networking site (such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr) for Girl Scout program activities, including marketing and/or collecting customer commitments must:

  • Meet age limits and terms of use requirements set by the provider and laws governing Internet usage (age 13 and above)
  • Have parental permission for use of the tools and for posting of any photos
  • Reference the Internet Safety Pledge

Troops whose girls meet age criteria may set up a troop social networking site with parental permission. Girls can market product on this site, but cannot collect money. (This site should be approved by the council.) A girl or troop over 13 may work in partnership with an adult to market online using the social networking site of the adult. Any follow-up should be done following safety guidelines for Girl Scout product sales. Any use of online video sharing sites where the video is representing Girl Scouts or Girl Scout product must follow specific age and requirements for that site, as well as have council approval and Girl Scout photo release forms signed by parents/guardians and any adults pictured. It is recommended that forms be scanned and stored electronically by the adult in charge and/or the council.

In an effort to help you reach your goals, participate in the BUY 5 incentive. Any customer who purchases five packages of cookies will have his/her name entered in a drawing to win a year’s supply of their favorite Girl Scout cookies (52 packages). Click here for BUY 5 entry forms and ask your troop cookie volunteer for more details!

ABC Bakery Tour
Want to know what the bakery looks like where all are Girl Scout cookies come from? Click here to take a tour of the facility!