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Fall Product Rewards

In addition to the five key skills girls learn from the Girl Scout Fall Product Program, girls can earn individual girl rewards.

Rewards are cumulative, which means girls will earn the reward for the highest level achieved and each reward at the lower levels of achievement.

Girls will have the opportunity to earn these limited edition custom patches, one in the 2019 Fall Program, and one for participation in both the 2019 fall program and the 2020 cookie program.   

  • You can earn one personalized avatar patch with your likeness through your participation in the fall program by sending 15 or more
    e-mails letting customers know about the program through the M2 system and selling four magazines or more and 20 or more candy/nut items.
  • The council crossover patch can be earned by your participation in both the fall product and cookie program. To qualify, send at least 15 e-mails during the fall program letting customers know about the program and sell 300 or more packages of cookies. 

Click here for the 2019 Girl Rewards!