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Meet the Fall Product Line

Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont offers magazines and candy/nuts through its Fall Product Program. Friends and family can order or renew their favorite magazine subscriptions through the M2 Media online program and delicious candy/nut items produced by Trophy Nut Company. Click here to learn more about Trophy Nut's Girl Scout products and their nutritional information. 

We offer several delicious varieties of candy and nut items that range in price from $6-12 including: 

Dulce Daisies 
Sweet milk chocolate daisies filled with a creamy caramel center. 5.1 oz. gift box: $6  

Fruit Slices 
Sweet, chewy candy with a punch of your favorite flavors and sprinkled with sugar. 10.5 oz.: $6

Peanut Butter Monkeys
Creamy peanut butter covered monkeys with irresistible milk chocolate. 5.1 oz. gift box: $6

Spicy Cajun Mix
Barbecued peanuts, barbequed corn sticks, mini sesame chips, taco and hot Cajun sesame sticks. 7 oz.: $7

Malted Milk Balls
Dark chocolate malted milk balls with sea salt. 7.5 oz.: $8

Chocolate Covered Raisins
Plump, juicy raisins covered in smooth, delicious chocolate. 10.5 oz.: $7

Cranberry Trail Mix
Cranberries, raisins, almonds, cashews, English walnuts and banana chips. 7 oz.: $7

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
Creamy caramel enrobed in dark chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt. 6 oz. gift box: $7

English Butter Toffee
Crunchy butter toffee covered in milk chocolate topped with crushed almonds. 5 oz. gift box: $7

Pecan Supremes
A combination of creamy caramel and pecans covered in rich milk chocolate. 5 oz. gift box: $7

Chocolate Covered Almonds 
Roasted almonds smothered in a creamy milk chocolate. 9 oz.: $8

Whole Cashews
Gourmet cashews roasted and lightly salted to perfection. 8 oz.: $9

Girl Scout Tin with Milk Chocolate Trefoils
Trefoil-shaped milk chocolates with mint centers. 6 oz. tin: $10

Dark Chocolate Mint Trefoils
Trefoil-shaped dark chocolates with mint centers. 5.1 oz. $7

Peppermint Bark Rounds
White milk chocolate rounds with crushed peppermint candy and dark chocolate on the bottom- comes in an adorable snowman tin. 8 oz. tin: $12